Several Common Failure Causes Of Gravure Printing Machines


Several Common Failure Causes Of Gravure Printing Machines

The gravure printing machine is one of the most popular printing equipment in the printing industry. Its printing effect and high efficiency are deeply loved by the public. However, in daily use, you may encounter some failures that cause the gravure printing machine to fail to operate normally. Below, the gravure printing machine manufacturer will introduce you to several common causes of failure.


1. Failure caused by the plate cylinder of the gravure printing machine:

Scratches and irregularities on the plate cylinder, or poor correction processing, or poor chrome-plated materials will cause ink stains on the substrate.

The printing plate cylinder is not up to standard, and the printing plate cylinder is eccentric, so that the printed matter is meshed, and the pressure is increased as much as possible for correction.


2. Failure caused by scraper:

The tip of the squeegee is damaged, and improper pressure causes ink marks on the substrate.

The squeegee scrapes too much ink to cause the printed product to go online, so adjust the squeegee angle.

If the angle of the squeegee is too large, too much ink on the printed product will cause spots, so the angle of the squeegee should be reduced.


3. Failure caused by ink:

The ink viscosity is too low, causing the ink to overflow, so it is necessary to increase the ink viscosity or pressing speed, or change the angle of the squeegee, thereby reducing the angle of the squeegee. If the ink drying speed is too fast, it will cause the ink to dry on the plate surface, and the color transferred to the substrate will not be bright. Therefore, the re-solubility of the ink should be improved to prevent hot dry air from blowing on the plate surface.

If the ink dries slowly, it will cause the back of the substrate to be dirty. An anti-sticking agent should be added to the ink to reduce the amount of plasticizer and plastic resin in the ink, increase the drying speed, and reduce the amount of paper accumulation. Coarse ink particles will leave ink marks on the printed paper.

The pre-printed ink film repels the ink, so that the post-printing ink is not bright, resulting in poor overprinting, reducing the viscosity of the background ink, and slowing the drying speed of the overlapping ink.

Well, today's common cause of failure of gravure printing presses is here. Hope to bring help to everyone, our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of gravure printing presses, if you have any needs, please come to consult and cooperate!