Automatic Pet Strapping Tape making Machine

Plastic strap production line

Automatic Pet Strapping Tape making Machine

With 20 years experience, The PP/ Pet Strapping Tape making Machine is developed by our engineeers team and combines advanced technology From Europe . the advantages of unique structure, advanced configuration, fully automatic, easy operation, high output, good plasticization, stability and reliability.

PP Pet Strapping Tape making Machine consists bellow main parts
NO. Name Quantity
1 Single screw extruder with automatic feedingsystem 1set
2 Mould1 mould for 2 ouput 1set
3 No.1 Water Cooling Tank 1set
4 No.1 Haul Off Machine 1set
5 Heating Box 1set
6 No.2 Haul-off machine 1set
7 Stretch Machine and Embossing Machine 1set
8 No.2 Water Cooling Tank 1 set
9 No.3 Haul Off Machine 1 set
10 Single Winding Machine 2 set
11 Hydraulic Screen Changer 1 set

The PP/PET strap produced by our machine has the moderate rigidity strength, good flexibility, creep resistant, environmental stress crack resistance and favorable hot melting property. 

Our machines use all high quality parts of famous band name to ensure of good quality as bellow:

1) Motor:

2) Inverter: ABB/Delta
3) Contactor: Siemens   
4) Relay: Omron
5) Breaker: Schneider 
6) Heating method: Ceramic or  cast aluminum heating
7) Material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoAlA.