Digital flexo plate exposure machine

Flexo Plate Making Machine

Digital flexo plate exposure machine

Flexo plate explosure machine have two types: water wash machine and solvant wash machine.
1. Integrate several functions of exposure, washing, drying and sticking.
2. Digital display, computer intelligent control.
3. Powerful vacuum device, high-strength ultra-flat suction plate.
4. Water filtration circulation device to effectively ensure the purity of the washing water
5. Water tank intelligent heating constant temperature system, dry burning protection device.

Digital flexo plate exposure machine

1.It is made of stainless steel, featuring in durability and won't get rusty.

2.Adopted imported Phillp specific printer lamp, Philip rectifier ( frequency transforming type is good for registering)
3.Imported slow reflective violet suction membrance
4.Computer controller enables it to be easily operated.
5.Adopted American digital intergrated thermo sensor.
6.Fully automatic printing plate washer.
7.Japanese Panasonic oriental printing plate washer, Japanese ORIX Constant dry oven, featuring in strong wind.
8. Adopted Philip specific UVC light source for removing the sticking sheet.
9.It is a good equipment integrated exposure, printing plate washer and drier.


Model XH-300 XH-450 XH-500 XH-960
Plate making size 400*300 mm 450*600 mm 500*700 mm 900*600 mm
Voltage 220v 50HZ 220v 50HZ 220v 50HZ 220v 50HZ
Power 1.3 kw 2 kw 3.2 kw 4 kw
Dimension 1000*630*550 mm 1200*850*775 mm 1270*1000*875 mm 1250*1180*990 mm
Weight 60 kg 115 kg 145 kg 185 kg

 Finish sample: