Flexo plate exposure machine

Flexo Plate Making Machine

Flexo plate exposure machine

Our Flexo exposure machine mainly divided into 3 types:
  1. Manual lifting type flexible exposure machine,
  2. Automatic lifting type flexible exposure machine and
  3. Pneumatic lifting type flexible exposure machine.
Flexo plate Exposure machine uses Philips UVA lamp, built-in automatic heat radiator, automatic timing, vacuum device functions. Manual lifting type machine is available to have solution of the light finisher and drying function (CK-LELFD) which can save space and cost for customers. In addition, due to UV will be have heat during exprosuring, users can choose option of ooled bed for long-term and larger quantity production.

Function 1: Exposure ,make use of vacuum platform to do back exposure ,main exposure and post-exposure Performance: Exposure unit adopt PHILIPS high power UV lamps, provide short exposure intervals with consistent results, built-in automatic timing, automatic heat radiator, automatic constant temperature.


Max supports plate sizes :1520x1060(42x60inch) Optional Function Light finisher (CK-MELF),Light finisher and drying(CK-MELFD)

Model XH-Manual Lifting Type Flexible Exposure Machine
Plate size(MAX) 1120x800 1120x920 1430x920 1520x1060
Power supply 2.2kw 50-60HZ 2.6kw 50-60HZ 3kw 50-60HZ 4kw 50-60HZ
L+N+E,220VAC L+N+E, 220VAC / 3L+N+PE,380VAC
Equipped Lamp 60W UVA-17pcs 60W UVA-19pcs 80W UVA-19pcs 60W UVA- 31pcs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1380*1100*1000 1380*1230*1000 1690*1230*1000 1800*1380*1000
Weight, equipment 170kg 200kg 240kg 270kg

Sample of flexo plate make by our machinen