PET Packing Belt Making Machine

Plastic strap production line

PET Packing Belt Making Machine

PET Packing Belt Making Machine introduction
Choice of single or twin screw extruder. Production can use 100% recycled material to obtain a high add value commodity like strapping band.PLC manages automatically the extruder's working parameters in according with the running condition; material treatment,extrusion,stretching,annealing and taking up units are all synced with the PLC.All components are controlled and monitored through PLC.PET or PP straps can be produced with the same technology,to change line set-up from one to the other only take in few minutes.
High-advanced ABA co-extrusion technology,not only improve strap's tensile strength but also help the peel strength after welding.Double column 4 positioned filter chambers,100% full automatic self-cleaning screen changer,working non-stop during screen changing,it ensures the straps quality is not affected throughout the production.Choice of ordering one,two,four,six and eight straps production line.Choice of either servo or torque motor for winding machine.

PET Packing Belt Making Machine

Material Extruder Width Strap quantity Output
PET/PP Φ75 9-19 2 PP100 / PET150
PET Φ90 9-25 2 200
PET Φ100 9-25 4 300
PET Φ120 9-32 4-8 500
PET Φ135 9-32 8-12 750

Main machine parts introduction:

01. Single Screw Extruder
Machine Electrical part:ABB inverter,Siemens Motor,Schneider Contactor,,Electrical wire is CE export standardMotor :55kw SIEMENS
Gear Box: JC Brand / DELING
Screw& Barrel : Zhoushan
Control system : Siemens Screen touch control or RKC or OMRON table control.

02. SIEMENS PLC Control + Mould +  Metering pumps
SIEMENS PLC Control System
High temperature melt metering pump with specially designed , through accurate pressure measurement in front of the pump, using the microcomputer processing to adjust the extruder speed, maintain pressure stability, orderly supply logistics to optimize the feeding process. Ensure the smoothness of die extrusion.
Mold: Made of high quality die steel, compact structure, reasonable connection, easy to replace. We can produce 12-19mm products by changing the die port.

03. Cooling tank
Including water tank lifting system, roller guide, water surface control, temperature control unit, tension-maintaining lifting frame blow-dry system and traction device, and three - dimensional movement adjustment

04. the first 5-roller preheating unit
It is used for preheating before drawing. It is composed of electric motor, reducer, five traction steel rolls and transmission gear.
05. The second tractor unit
It is used for drawing after heating the pet straps. It is composed of electric motor, reducer, five traction steel rolls and transmission gear
06. Tensioning heat calibrator
It is used for the rapid heat shaping of pet packing straps after stretching, to prevent the internal stress elimination of pet strip after stretching orientation, so that the size of pet strip is stable
07. Three- roller tractor
It is used for drawing and stretching pet belt after heating and cooling. It is composed of electric motor, reduction gear, traction roller and transmission gear.