Plastic PP PET Strapping Band extrusion line

Plastic strap production line

Plastic PP PET Strapping Band extrusion line

This production line can produce different with and thickness of PP PET strap according to client's requirement.. The raw material can be 100% recycled material, which can reduce the produce cost and get a good profit. And the PP PET belt is the substitution of the steel strap and has lots of advantages such as good extension, high temperature resistance, easy use, etc

FEATURES of Plastic PP PET Strapping Band extrusion line

1. The machine adjusts is conversion motor as power source .
2. The mechanical transmission adopts soft connection.
3. Its rotation is exact and smooth, saving power and low noise.
4. PET has advantages ,such as good stiffness , high temperature resistant ,its specific gravity is 1/5 the one of steel.
5. It is mainly suitable for packing for various trades.
6 Its characteristics: high tensile strength ,small percentage elongation, resistance to impact, not easy to be broken ,cheap, good softness, convenient operation, safe and reliable .
7. In the world ,it is an ideal substitute of steel belt.
8. It is widely used in paper making, wooden products, textile cotton and fiber ,color metal, canned products, chemical , metallurgy, power cable, aluminum.
9.Plastics shaped materials and other products and various kind of trays.
10.The use of the product is convenient, it can adopt common steel fastening for connection.
11.It also is suitable for various kinds of hand-operated of table packing machine and large auto packing machine of enterprises.
12.It adopts hot-melting connection sticks.

3.Machine List of Plastic PP PET Strapping Band extrusion line

Machine Name  Quantity
PET dehumidifing & crystallization system  one set
PET-SJ-90 single extruder one set
Filter Exchanger  one set 
Machine head mould one set
Water cooling tank  one set
Drying system  one st 
First pre heating machine one set
First tensile pre heating machine one set
Second tensile embossing cooling machine one set
Tight hot calibration machine one set
Third haul-off machine one set
Shortwave infrared ray heating tank Two sets
Double winder one set
Electric control system  one set

Technical parameter for PET / PP strap belt packing band making extruding machine
Strap Width 8-19MM 5-32MM 5-32MM 5-32MM
Thickness of strap 0.45-1.25MM 0.45-1.5MM 0.45-1.5MM 0.45-1.5MM
Production speed ≤120M/min ≤120M/min ≤120M/min ≤120M/min
Outlet of Die head   2 straps one time 2 or 4 straps one time 2 or 4 straps one time  4 or 6 straps one time
Stretching ratio  4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6
Max. capacity 100kgs/h 120kgs/h 200kgs/h 400kgs/h

Sample of PET/ PP strap made by our machine