PP packing belt production machine

Plastic strap production line

PP packing belt production machine

This PP packing belt production machine can produce different width and thickness pp pet strap according to the clients' requirement.
The raw material can be 100% recycled material, which can reduce the product cost.
The PP belt is the substitution of the steel strap and has a lot of advantages such as good extension, high temperature resistant, easy use.
It is mainly suitable for packaging for various field
. also suitable for various kinds of hand-operated of table packing machine and large quto-packing machines of enterprises.

PP packing belt production machine

Raw material: Waste PE/PET flakes or granule.
Number of strap: 1,2,4,6,
Width: 5mm-22mm,
Thickness: 0.5mm-1.5mm,
Standard: 12×0.8mm, 12×1mm, 13×1mm. 

machine configuration

process 100% recycled PET bottle flakes.
.even plasticization and stable extrusio with PLC automatic control for the whole line.
.as per different requirements, changing a coating materials for making strao has better and special function.     

For example, the strap for packing cotton can be from enhancing the breaking strength and joint strength when welding strap.
Melt filter with two pistons with air venting design and back flushing.

Production line just need 2-3 workers ,suit to 24 hours moving per day.
Finished product: width: 5-25 mm, thickness: 0.5-1.5mm.

PP packing belt production machine

Main Machine parts:
No. Item Qty
1 Vacuum autoloader 1 set
2 Dryness system(For PET) 1 set
3 Single screw extruder 1 set
4 Die head 1 set
5 Water trough calibration system 1 set
6 First pre-heating machine 1 set
7 Short wave infrared ray heating oven 1 set
8 First tensile pre-heating machine 1 set
9 Short wave infrared ray heating oven 1 set
10 Second tensile machine 1 set
11 Embossing machine 1 set
12 Three rollers cooling machine 1 set
13 Tight hot calibration machine 1 set
14 Third haul-off 1 set
15 Double winder 2pcs

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