Water washing flexo plate making machine

Flexo Plate Making Machine

Water washing flexo plate making machine

1. Adopt  PHILIPS specification printer lamp, rectifier.
2.Imported slow reflective violet suction membrane.
3.computer controller enables it to be easily operated.
4.It adopts exposure, washing printing plate and removing sheet, good equipment for making soft printing plates.
Water washing flexo plate making machine

(1).It can be used for making washing flexible version and solid resin version, realizing one machine;
(2).It integrates the functions of exposure, plate washing, drying and adhesive removal;
(3). Automatic circulation of water solvent, constant temperature heating, filtration;
(4). Plate automatic paste, flat efficient cleaning;
(5). High speed, stable vacuum suction, high strength super flat suction plate;
(6). Real reproduction of high - net line graphics and text.
It is suitable for making 1.14mm and 1.7mm washed flexible plates, washing resin plates with a thickness of 0.95mm such as Plitto and BASF, etc. It is suitable for label printing such as circular flattening and rotary machines

Model Exposure size(mm) Voltage Power Dimension Weight
XH430 400×300 220v 50Hz 1.5Kw 530*450*940mm 60 Kg
XH450 450×600 220v 50Hz 2Kw 620*450*950mm 115Kg
XH960 900×600 220v 50Hz 4Kw 1080*870*1100mm 185Kg
XH1280 800×1200 220v 50Hz 4.8Kw 1380*1000*1100mm 312 Kg