What should I do if the white ink is not thick enough on DTF printing?


What should I do if the white ink is not thick enough on DTF printing?

Nowadays, DTF technology is becoming more and more popular in the world, it means printing direct to films, then transfer onto clothes. Compared with DTG printer, DTF printer can be used for wider materials, like cotton, polyester, canvas, jeans, modal and so on, the effect of DTF printing is more colorful and it is easy operate.

Here are the printing step overview :

DTF printing
Sometimes, customers may find that the white is not really white on DTF printing, or the white ink on the back of the pattern is not thick enough, which will greatly affect the effect of the transfer.

Here are some suggestions that may help you:
There are three main reasons for this circumstance:
DTF ink and the printer machine are not compatible.
The printhead get clogged, first check whether there is any problem with the printhead
Since the fluency of white ink is lower than the color inks, it is necessary to shake the white ink bottle before printing. And also check if there is air in the ink tube and damper.
Solution :
Step 1: Check whether the ink bottle has enough ink, check the production date of the ink bottle, if the ink bottle has been opened for more than three months, the ink may deteriorate, shake the ink bottle to prevent it from settling
Step 2: Check if there is air in the ink tube of the white ink sac, if there is, you need to pump out 5ml of ink
Step 3: Draw 5ml of ink from the waste ink tube
This process is to keep the entire ink system continuous without gaps
Step 4: Use F12 to let the machine discharge ink
Step 5: Print test to check the status of the print head ( as picture below)
Step 6: Select the correct curve in the software and increase the size of the white ink droplet

Shake the white ink and stir it with our procolored automatic stirring bottom or shake the white ink bottle manually.
Need to protectprint head from clogging, below are some tips:
①.Plan to not print for a long period of time: clean the print head, then use a moisturizing device to ensure that the ink of the print head does not solidify.
②.Clean the print head regularly during long working hours. It is recommended to clean the print head after working for 4-5 hours.
③.It is recommended to turn on the machine once a day to automatically clean the print head.